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Ryan Williams

Professional Team Member*

Insurance Specialist (Cornerstone Insurance Solutions)


Ryan was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley where he lived for most of his life before moving to Delaware a few months before his marriage on 11/11/2011. He and his wife, Abby have four boys, Levi, Landon, Zane & Zander. While still a newlywed, Ryan earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Wilmington University, and worked full time at Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC). During his time at BAC, he received a certification in supply chain – Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). Although he enjoyed his role in supply chain at BAC, Ryan always wanted to help people on a personal level and help them make sound financial decisions.

Ryan and his family moved back to Bridgewater, Virginia in April, 2019. He enjoys attending Bible study, preaching and teaching, and playing sports such as basketball and soccer. He also enjoys CrossFit and running, salt and fresh-water fishing, golf, fellowshipping with friends and clients, and spending time with his family.

In July of 2015, Ryan opened Covenant Insurance, an independent insurance agency, in order to start helping people navigate the insurance realm and choose the best plan for their needs. Covenant represented more than 67 life insurance companies, all major health insurance carriers in Delaware, and offered Medicare supplements to the senior market. After a year and a half of growing Covenant Insurance in Delaware, Ryan decided to merge his company with Cornerstone Insurance Solutions, a family business. 

He looks forward to working in the family business and continuing to forge great relationships in Shenandoah Valley.
*Professional Team Members are those professionals whose services we engage from time to time in order to help create the comprehensive written financial plans of our clients. Professional Team Members do not work for Harbor Financial Services LLC, nor Jeff Harris and Associates, Inc.





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