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Our Services

Independence, Professional Training, and Team Work

As an independent firm, we're able to focus exclusively on your goals and objectives. This independence enables us to help you access a wide variety of financial products.


In short, our objective is to serve you, not sell products for a particular financial services firm. And since we’re independent, you can choose to work with us on a fully transparent fee-for-service basis or on a traditional commission basis. Either way, the choice is yours.


Having all these choices is great, but we believe our real value comes from using our three decades of experience to help you pick and choose the most appropriate resources to reach your objective. 


But there’s more: We believe your interests are best served by someone with Professional Training in the overall financial services industry, not just investments. That’s why our advisors have had to study for years to earn a professional designation. They receive training in retirement plans like pensions, IRAs, and 401(k)s, life, health, and disability insurance benefits, estate and income tax mitigation, and business transition strategies.


We believe Team Work is important in the complex and ever-changing financial services industry. That’s why we rely on the expert knowledge of other professionals like CPAs, attorneys, insurance brokers, and investment research analysts to enable us to comprehensively serve your best interests. Over the years we’ve learned we can’t do it all alone.

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